PaCIM – Railway

Our Passenger and Customer Information Management system (PaCIM) is the answer to the requests by the public transport market for open and multi-modal communications platform.

PaCIM DDMS (Data Distributed Management System) – Datendrehscheibe

A data hub for the connection of external systems using standard interfaces – that is the key to the system from LTG ULM GmbH which provides passengers with a multi-modal passenger information system.

The data hub is the central part of the data exchange across systems for passenger information. Based on a modern database concept, the information which is received from the VDV service is collated and verified with existing information and then sent to update the connected systems.

PaCIM Software Suite

Our customers have the opportunity to create an individual passenger information system. Depending on their requirements, the modular structure enables our customers to create their own total system which can be extended at any time.

PaCIM INF – Railway Information System

PaCIM INF is our core module for passenger information in the railway sector.

PaCIM DPI – Dynamic Passenger Information

The connection system to the passenger information displays.

PaCIM Trac

Mobile real-time data using tracking systems

PaCIM Railways

Functional overview of the PaCIM platform

  • Transfer of signals from the control system
  • Transfer of information from external systems
  • High level of automation in normal operation and with deviations
  • Flexible and easy to use in case of deviations
  • Extensive tools for special operations
  • Flexible configuration of transactions, layouts and announcement requirements
  • Preview mode / change image display
  • User-friendly graphical interface with area, station, and track overviews
  • Convenient and efficient conflict and information task management
  • Client-server architecture for the flexible use of user workstations
  • Remote maintenance and diagnosis of hardware, software system and terminals