Project Description

The Darmstadt-based transport company HEAG mobilo operates as an infrastructure provider of the most advanced traffic management systems in Germany.

With real-time data and service instructions it provides comprehensive passenger information.

Together with BMG MIS realized the HEAG mobilo at their tram stops for the first time a new type of advanced display system in the form of a stele.

The cubic vandal stainless steel case houses two bistable displays. It informs public transport customers over the next departures in real-time data quality as well as recent changes in the route network.

Our Services

  • Realization of customized design
  • Design, manufacture delivery, installation and commissioning of display systems with two-sense principle in the form of a stele
  • Double-sided, large ChLCD display
  • Clear presentation of actual departure times and special information
  • Text-to-speech message reader
  • extremely low power requirement
  • Integrated DCF-77 controlled analog
  • Stainless steel design
  • Protocol implementation via AEG MIS data hub GeaTURN for local connection to the existing foreign-AVL system