Bistable ChLCD Displays

With the productgroup “Geameleon“, we have developed a new generation of displays systems which require very little energy for the display of information. Geameleon is based on the bistable ChLCD (Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Displays) display technology. ChLCDs are reflective display systems in which the display segments are visible due to the reflection of incident light.

Depending on the requirements, users can choose either monochrome or colour display types. The high-resolution displays allow for the flexible depiction of typefaces, colour graphics, pictograms and logos. These displays are specifically designed for outdoor use and are perfectly readable in all lighting conditions and weather conditions – even in direct sunlight.

  • Bistable display technology
  • Monochrome and colour versions
  • High-resolution display
  • Very little power consumption


  • Train destination displays for rail stations and stops
  • Information systems
  • Stop displays
  • Departure and summary boards
  • Stand-alone display systems
  • Timetable display systems
  • Mobile Applications
  • Way-finding systems
  • Advertising and information displays



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