The increasing volume of traffic in city centres and the resulting increase in CO2 emissions are forcing cities, and communities, to take action.
With our dynamic traffic management systems, we can currently route traffic with an ultra-fast response time and facilitate motorists, administrations, security services and ultimately improve the life of affected residents. We develop these systems in cooperation with renowned partners at home and abroad and design and install parking, traffic and signage systems in cities, at venues, trade fairs, stadiums, airports …

Wegeleitsysteme und Verkehrsleitsysteme

Orientation systems and traffic management systems

Our wayfinding and traffic management systems are used for dynamic management of traffic and to avoid hold-ups and congestion in cities, highways or in places with high traffic volumes. In addition to directing the traffic these display boards can also give information to public transport or draw attention to events. Depending on the information required, you can customise your own information system with different LCD layouts. Matrix layouts are particularly well suited for the display of graphics and proportional fonts in a limited display area.

Again, we offer standard options which can be integrated into systems and also endless possibilities to design your own system.


Parking Guidance Systems

With our dynamic parking guidance systems, we direct the traffic in cities or venues to available parking spaces in car parks, parking garages or other parking lots. For road transport, LCD technology is the ideal display media with its print-like typeface. Even at long reading distances they can be optimally read and can be selected in different font sizes, or character segments, depending on the distance of the driver, – the most common font sizes selected are 160 mm and 180 mm.

For the parking guidance systems, we have standard kits that can be integrated into existing systems, independent of the manufacturer.

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