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Mobile solutions from a single source.

To meet the expectations of passengers we serve our customers as a competent partner with our mobile PTS solutions.

System Architecture

System Architecture

Over IBIS and LAN connections, our components are integrated into various systems which control the displays on the vehicle.

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Außenanzeigen im Fahrzeug

External displays on the vehicle

Destination and route information can be visualised on the exterior of the vehicle using high resolution graphics, numbers and symbols.

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Internal Displays

For the interior of vehicles we offer simple LCD or LED displays for text or TFTs which can be used to show route maps.

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System Architecture

Our systems can be adapted for all standard on-board computers. Over an IBIS and LAN connection our components can be integrated into different systems and so control the displays in the vehicle.

External displays on the vehicle

Destination Display – LCD

LCD displays have very low power consumption and are characterised by a long life of approximately 200,000 hours, they are virtually maintenance free and is a very acceptable display medium.

Destination Display – LED

LED displays are a good and cost effective solution for the display of simple information. Route numbers and simple text can be represented using our standard products.

Train Route Displays – ChLCD

These high-resolution displays can present the whole route of a train journey on the side of a train. These indicators are based on the bistable ChLCD technology; energy is required simply for writing information and in standby mode they consume almost no power.

Internal Displays

Internal Display – LCD

In LCD technology, we have the 16 x184 pixel display with a service life of 200,000 hours. Depending on the information content, we can offer additional resolutions and different colour options for our customers. These displays can also be used outdoors and they are very energy efficient and flexible in the presentation of information.

Internal Display – LED

For the display of simple information, the LED technology display has a resolution of 8 x144 pixels. This cost-effective solution has a lifetime of approximately 100,000 hours.

  • Resolution 8/16 pixels high
  • Good readability in almost any lighting situation
  • Simple text representation and limited graphics display
  • Compatible with all interfaces and can be controlled with different systems
  • Capable of showing scrolling text
  • Light-sensor brightness control
  • USB download interface
  • LED life of 100,000 hours / lifetime LCD 200,000
  • Vibration and bending resistance

Internal Display – Media TFT

With this display technology any information can be displayed depending on the situation, such as dynamic line extensions, connections, graphic elements, videos, advertisements, news tickers, etc.
The Special Sizes TFT display systems have been specifically designed for indoor applications in vehicles. Especially in vehicles are space constraints in the width or height not uncommon and commercially available TFT can not be used. For these applications we design custom display sizes for our customers and adjust the display system to the requirements of the vehicle.

  • Standard display 19” and 21”
  • customised special size TFT (for example, 29″)
  • Animated information
  • full colour
  • video capable
  • Definable portions of the display can be independently controlled
  • Free layouts for all TFT formats depending on the situation or advertising requirements
  • Multimedia design possibilities through CMS
  • Customer Management System

PTS Media Suite

The PTS Media Suite is needed to control the PTS internal displays Media TFT and consists of the interplay between PTS Media Player, a PTS player and editor, and a PTS Media Update.

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