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Segment, Matrix and Proportional ETN-LCD Variations

Based on the concepts of matrix, segment and proportional fonts, we design individual solutions together with the manufacturers of information displays and industrial Displays.


LCD Special Displays

Depending on the request of our customers, we can offer special shapes such as for example curves, hole cut-outs, square shapes and so on. In addition, we can enhance the display with optical filters, anti-reflective coatings, colour prints or conductive layers.


TFT Special Displays Special Size TFTs

With our many years of extensive experience in the development and production of transflective LCDs we are also capable of producing high-resolution TFTs cut in special special sizes to offer our customers. We use high quality diplays from reputable manufacturers and cut them to the customer’s requirements.


TFT Enhancements

For special climatic requirements or highly sensitive applications, we can enhance TFTs with optical filters or special layers. Especially in the avionics sector, we are able to draw on decades of experience.

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