Airport Information System

Worldwide, we guide millions of passengers through airports every day with our information systems and inform them of departure and arrival times.


Large display boards – Arrival & Departure

Our large display boards for arrival and departure areas inform travelers quickly and clearly with real-time data. With different display technologies, customers can create an individual information system according to their requirements.

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Advertising and information monitors

With our TFT monitor systems, we can fulfil the new requirements for passenger information displays. Also with these systems we place much emphasis on readability under all lighting conditions and reliability.

Large display boards – Arrival & Departure

Transflective LCD Display Technology

According to the customer’s requirements, there is the possibility to choose from various LCD layouts to create individual display panels. We recommend segment fonts for the display of character text and numbers. Matrix fonts are especially suitable for the display of high resolution text, such as Asian and Arabic characters, or for the display of graphics.

TFT Cluster

At the discretion of the customer, we can make an array of TFT panels and fit them into an enclosure or mount them directly onto a wall using brackets. We ensure optimal readability under all lighting conditions and reliability when selecting the TFT panels. We use only TFTs from renowned manufacturers.
The TFT cluster is also available in conjunction with a static header or in combination with transflective LCDs.

Advertising and Information Monitors

For information monitors we use very high quality TFT displays from reputable manufacturers, which are very readable even in direct sunlight and with their guaranteed durability are a reliable component.
For the different requirements and information content, we have designed several sizes and models. We also have the possibility of creating customized TFT sizes.
Application areas for our airport information systems are arrival and departure monitors, gate information panels, passenger guidance systems, advertising displays …

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