“Due to the continuously rising numbers of people travelling on streets, buses, railways and in the air, we have made it our mission to guide the travelling public through their journeys and provide them with the information they need to help them on their way.“

With modern information systems, we have been providing up-to-date travel information to millions of people each and every day at railway stations, airports, transport stops and buses and guide them in their use of public transport.

Competence and Qualitity…

… these are our strengths in the planning process for all our mobile and stationary passenger information applications.

In order to guarantee the provision of passenger information every day, a competent team is made available to support our customers, starting with the project planning, development, construction, production and handling, all the way through to the commissioning of the information system. With our years of experience from a large number of installed information systems, we can guarantee to our customers that we understand the needs of passengers and that we can deliver successful customer-specific solutions using the latest technologies.

For the environment…

In addition to our high quality awareness, environmental management is also an important component of our company philosophy.

Environmental protection at LTG ULM GmbH runs through the development and manufacturing processes, in our production facility in our ’Green Building‘, to our energy-efficient products and technologies.

Luminator Technology Group

The Luminator Technology Group is the association of 10 companies, which together stand for a modern and creative passenger information in different sections of public transport.