Passenger-Informationsystem from LTG Ulm

The new ZOB in Daun was completed just in time for the start of the new route network between Daun and Kelberg. In the future, the bus station will be an important hub for public transport in the north of the Trier region.

With its two walkways, dynamic passenger information system (DPI) and sufficient parking facilities, the ZOB impresses with its clear, modern and barrier-free design. This is intended to make it easier to change trains and, above all, to convey a feeling of security. This is made easier by the two TFT monitors including text-to-speech function from LTG Ulm, which help passengers to keep an eye on when their bus arrives and where it travels to.

With the new ZOB, the city of Daun and the district of Vulkaneifel have set a real exclamation mark, as the DFI monitors in particular are currently only available in this form in the VRT within the city of Trier.